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Our Products
Rebonding Products
Open cell foam that is made from shredded pieces of foam, which are then glued together, forming one solid piece of foam.
Rebond foam is very dense and provides a solid, firm support base.
Peeling Foam (Packing Foam)
We Manufacture Peeled Foam in Voluminous Amounts.
It is Widely Used in Shoe Industry for Several Industrial Operations and Applications.
It is also used in Mattresses, Blankets and Yoga Mat for Quilting Purposes.
Medical Range
Luxurious soft feel cover, adds the benefit of being hypoallergenic
No moving parts
Dust mite resistant, ideal for allergy sufferers
Helps promote good blood circulation
Can aid sufferers of bad backs
Back Care Cushions
It supports the lumbar curve, lower back and opens the chest muscles.
Great for the office, car or at home on the couch.
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