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Sofa Cum Bed (Wooden)
This innovatively engineered piece of furniture perfectly combines fashion with function.
A timeless black textured finish sofa together with attractive upholstery makes this sofa bed a great buy.
This stylish sofa can be easily converted into a comfortable sleeping bed in just a matter of seconds.
Made of wood, this luxurious sofa bed has an inbuilt storage box that further adds to its utility value.
A striking sofa bed that is worth your money and will a great addition to home decor.
Spring Base Beds
Mattress foundations and box springs help your mattress to live longer and stay comfortable.
Absorbs most of the stress and weight placed on your bed.
Wooden Base Beds
Combine the slatted bed bases with your spring or foam mattress and a bed frame.
It extends the lifetime and comfort of the mattress by absorbing most of the stress and weight on your bed.
Slats of the bases can be adjusted for firmness.
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