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Cushions Range
Soft edges of the foam to give it a more soft appearance
Ideal for furniture cushions, car cushions, foam mattresses, bedding support, and all other home and commercial
  upholstery applications.
Foam Pillows
The low down pillow makes the neck less bent and reduces strain on your muscles.
Firm inner core enclosed in a soft layer relieves pressure on the neck and shoulders.
The filling absorbs and transports moisture away and keeps you dry at night.
The outer fabric in cotton breathes and helps keep the pillow dry.
Gao Pillows
Firm inner core enclosed in a soft layer
The outer fabric in cotton
Ball Fiber Pillows
This luxury ball fiber filled pillow is quite possibly one of the best alternatives to feather and down products.
The synthetic fibers are processed at high speed to produce thousands of ball shaped fibers
Ball fiber pillow provide increased levels of comfort, support, air and longevity.
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